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2020 Alumni

Annabel Flint

  • High School

    Los Altos

  • University

    Haverford College

Open Letter.

From Annabel Flint. Los Altos High. Haverford College.

I want to thank the west valley basketball program and all the girls and coaches in it for helping me achieve my goals. Without your training, challenges, and hard work I would not have been able to get to where I am today. Thank you to all the parents who worked so hard with coaches behind the scenes to help make tournaments and practices run smoothly, by spending their time and money driving us back and forth from practice, and flying from game to game. Without all these people, the things I achieved would not have been possible.

To the next incoming class: never doubt yourself. When I started playing basketball in 7th grade, I would have never been able to imagine myself getting the chance to play in college. In fact, that wasn’t even my goal for a while. Instead, I made sure to never doubt myself, and make my true goal to always be better than I was the day before. I knew that if I focused on improving, the other things would come as a result of my improvement. So never doubt yourself and your skills and your worth. Find a goal that speaks to you and pursue it full heartedly, and don’t hesitate to stray from the “normal” path, as long as you are still pursuing your goal.

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